Where Are They Hiding Rampage?

John Philapavage over at MMA Opinion has a great piece wondering why Quinton "Rampage" Jackson isn't becoming the face of UFC in the media.…

By: Nate Wilcox | 16 years ago
Where Are They Hiding Rampage?
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John Philapavage over at MMA Opinion has a great piece wondering why Quinton “Rampage” Jackson isn’t becoming the face of UFC in the media.

Rampage was absent through most of the summer, and I realize his media for the Dan Henderson fight was best served in the British market, but it’s been over two months. Jackson is injured. No fight is set for him, and it could be April until we see him again. Why isn’t he all over my TV, radio, and print radar? I certainly spend enough looking for him. UFC bought a whole new building in Vegas to house an over-growing support staff for a billion dollar company, and they didn’t hire a publicist, Public Relations people, or even a gossiping neighbor? I know they have some connections to the media. I keep reading Dana White is having a press conference and it’s streaming into my living room. So I decided to go on search of Quinton Jackson today.

I decided to start with the almighty Google. Certainly Mr. Jackson is big enough to get on Google. Before I filter it to search news I find out Rampage has a Wiki entry, personal website, and an affiliation to those fine Affliction t-shirt boys. I type in “Kit Cope” and find that a 1-4 record gets you pretty much the same thing (and a Myspace page).

Rampage is an also-ran in the news stories. They mention him as a champion in articles about Bisping, Evans, and Houston Alexander. Oh, he’s been spotted partying in Vegas at parties with the likes of Chris Ferguson. Who? Professional poker player Chris Ferguson! Oh…. Moving on.

I found him! Well, I just missed him. He was in Georgia over the weekend with the Cott Corporation and Throwndown Enterprises. He is gonna get to drink an energy beverage no one will buy. Awesome.

There is no TV appearance or magazine article to be found. If there is, no one is promoting it. Deflated by that bias news media, I turn to the sworn enemy of UFC, the MMA Internet sites. A lot of casual fans go on the ever-popular Sherdog.com. Who doesn’t wanna get Beatdown by that lovable TJ DeSantis? Apparently Jackson himself, as he’s not really anywhere on the site right now. I have to things to report. The 28-6 Rampage is ranked #1 by someone is some poll at lightweight. And Round 5, a figurine company, has made one of Jackson. I guess that’s kinda like a Budweiser, or even Mickey’s Malt Liqueur endorsement deal. Your getting a check either way, right?

It definitely makes you wonder what Dana is thinking. Chuck Liddell is sometimes incoherent on air and they pimped his ass hard in as much mainstream media as possible. Why aren’t they promoting the new champ?

Shouldn’t Rampage be talking about how either Bisping or Evans would be a tough challenger for his belt? Shouldn’t he be hyping the Chuck/Wanderlei match at UFC 79? I mean WTF?

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