IFL Grand Prix Report Card

I'd say The Houston Chronicle's Steve Sievert gives the event a solid B. Notable quote: The show was a step forward for the struggling…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
IFL Grand Prix Report Card
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

I’d say The Houston Chronicle’s Steve Sievert gives the event a solid B. Notable quote:

The show was a step forward for the struggling IFL, even though it was able to get only two fights squeezed into its 43 minutes. The league is in dire need of a catalyst to turn around its fortunes and stop the financial hemorrhaging. Saturday’s live version of Battleground showed that the league makes quality fights and can package them in a live format that kept my eyeballs on the screen.

The production didn’t oversell the fights and there weren’t any hokey theatrics. It was a show built around the action in the ring and the type of programming the IFL should emphasize going forward.

However, at this time, the grand prix broadcast represents a one-time deal for MyNet. The network has not agreed to live airtime for the December GP finals, but after selling out the ad inventory and producing what should be solid ratings for Saturday’s show, I’d be shocked if MyNet didn’t re-up for round two next month.

The key to the league’s success, though, is striking a go-forward deal with MyNet that delivers live fights on a regular basis, not just around the grand prix. We saw an intriguing glimpse Saturday night of what that can mean to the IFL’s future.

I completely agree with this assessment. In fact, the most notable moment about Saturday’s event was that I wanted more. Normally I find myself struggling to keep watching Battleground shows, but this one had me hooked. That seems to me the most honest and accurate litmus test I can think of.

It may be too late for the IFL, but if the fledgling group can build momentum off of Saturday’s very respectable performance, they might become the little MMA organization that could. More, please.

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