The Case For Randy Couture

Desert Dog lays out the best one I've seen to date: Randy's best chance to win this one is to use a similar plan…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
The Case For Randy Couture
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Desert Dog lays out the best one I’ve seen to date:

Randy’s best chance to win this one is to use a similar plan to the Silvia fight. Stay outside using a very active/technical standup until Gonzaga slows down and then take it to the ground for some classic Natural G’nP. with this game plan Randy could get a late round TKO or take it by decision.

This is a very tough fight for Couture, with some interesting obstacles on the ground (Randy’s words). Gonzaga could TKO or submit Randy in the first few rounds of this fight, but I’ll take Couture’s conditioning, experience, and excellent game planning to remain the underdog Champion. Couture via TKO (late).

Apparently the lines are moving in the direction of Gonzaga.  And why not?  Couture’s Achilles Heel has always been big men with superb grappling pedigree.  Gonzaga fits that to a tee, no?  The problem is that Gonzaga has a habit of gassing.  And with a five round fight (and an opponent accustomed to going into deep water) the chances of losing some steam in the third and fourth rounds is a very real possibility.

I think this one is a pick ’em – with a slight edge to Couture.  The Natural will have to drag this fight into the later rounds, thereby using his experience to his advantage both in terms of being in longer fights as well as championship bouts.  Gonzaga needs to steamroll Couture early using his superior size and excellent ground and pound.

All in all, an excellent match-up and yet another opportunity to glorify The Natural’s already incredible career.

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