The Real Steroid Scandal

Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports is another fellow who's attitude toward the steroid extravaganza I disagree with, but who's writing is excellent and thoughtfulness…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
The Real Steroid Scandal
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Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports is another fellow who’s attitude toward the steroid extravaganza I disagree with, but who’s writing is excellent and thoughtfulness unquestionable.  He’s been covering the steroid issue very thoroughly, but makes an odd defense of Dana White in regards to criticism being thrown at the MMA mogul:

Name one sports or major entertainment promoter in the United States who has done more than White to actively court legitimate governmental oversight of their business in recent years. How much energy did baseball waste resisting efforts to establish a performance-enhancing substances policy? How many pro wrestlers drop dead, despite World Wrestling Entertainment’s so-called wellness policy? But White has encouraged oversight from the day Zuffa LLC bought the company.

I don’t disagree with most of this.  White has done an incredible amount for the sport and will always be owed a gigantic debt of gratitude by anyone who loves the sport of mixed martial arts.  However, if there is any truth to Hermes Franca’s claims, namely, that he clearly told management he was unable to fight due to injury and management subsequently gave him no choice but to fight, then how on earth are we not writing columns excoriating White?

If true, that’s downright atrocious and all the good work up to this point in no way “cancels out” the wrong done here.  That the UFC has title contenders who use steroids as a last resort so they don’t miss a paycheck is embarrassing to the sport, to the fighters, and most importantly, the UFC.  Dana, if fighters are your friends, pay them.  Your title contenders shouldn’t be financially struggling.  That’s the real scandal in all of this.

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