An Announcement: Any Given Saturday

As many of you know, I've already got a lot going on.  I've got this blog, a radio show with, a color commentary…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
An Announcement: Any Given Saturday
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As many of you know, I’ve already got a lot going on.  I’ve got this blog, a radio show with, a color commentary gig set to debut on national tv this summer, unpaid but cool appearances on ESPN radio, a freelance writing position (maybe), and now a new radio show!

You may be asking how on earth I can have not one, but two radio shows.  Well, if I’m going to go freelance, I’ve got to go balls out.

WhoopAss Radio is a great program and I’m very proud of it.  But I know I can do more and I want to reach out to a broader audience.  So Any Given Saturday will be an ESPN-type news and commentary show.  I’ll have on more journalists as opposed to fighters (although I’ll have both on either show), I’ll do more thought-provoking analysis, and most importantly, I’ll take live callers!  The show will stream LIVE over the Internet and YOU can call in!

Believe me, VERY big things are in the works for Any Given Saturday.  It will air every Sunday and there will also be one additional special show each month that is going to blow the radio competition away.  You have no idea how cool that extra show will be.  Seriously.

Oh yeah, and to you copycats – Any Given Saturday is the OFFICIAL MMA radio show of the BlogTalkRadio Network.  I’ll be getting preferential treatment on their frontpage, so don’t think you can copy me and rise to the top.  Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and supports my endeavors.  I need you to keep supporting me because with all of the crazy stuff I’ve got lined up, we’re going to be doing some amazing things.

See you Sunday!

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