Frank Trigg on The Ultimate Fighter 6?

If Frank Trigg gets his way, he'll be Matt Serra's wrestling coach on Season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter.  Notable quote: Former UFC welterweight…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
Frank Trigg on The Ultimate Fighter 6?
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If Frank Trigg gets his way, he’ll be Matt Serra’s wrestling coach on Season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter.  Notable quote:

Former UFC welterweight contender, former MMAWeekly Radio co-host, and broadcaster Frank Trigg extended the offer to be Serra’s wrestling coach against his nemesis Matt Hughes, just to make things more interesting leading up to the filming of Ultimate Fighter 6. Trigg told MMAWeekly, “I offered it to Matt [Serra] two weeks ago when he was on our show. I said look man you don’t have a wrestling coach. I’d love to come and be your wrestling coach and strength and conditioning coach for the team, so bring me on. He said, you know what? I’d like to have you come in. He’s got to figure out if the powers that be will let me come on. I’d love to do it. Believe me. I’d love to coach a team against d–khead over there and I’d definitely like to be on Serra’s team proving that d–khead isn’t that good a coach.”

When asked about Trigg being his wrestling coach on the show, Serra responded, “I talked to Trigg about that. It’s almost like the enemy of my enemy is my friend, that kind of thing. Trigg, we never really hung out or anything, acquaintances here and there, said hello and goodbye type of thing. Who knows? I did his radio show and we were talking, and he actually offered, but who knows. If that can get in Hughes’ head, maybe I will bring him on. I’m definitely not ruling it out.”

The UFC should be all over this. I realize their relationship with Trigg is on ice (to put it mildly), but the prospect of Trigg and Serra on television competing with Matt Hughes would give Season 6 the shot in the arm it so desperately needs.  Reality shows need controversy and this is precisely the sort of controversy that would sell.  The Miletich team probably believes whatever rivalry exists between themselves and Trigg is all but dead considering that they’ve never come up when fighting the wrestling standout.  But Trigg still gets under their skin like no other and could serve as reliable fire starter.

As for how Trigg and Serra working together would play out, that’s anyone’s guess.  But who cares?  The real show would be watching Matt Hughes (legacy in tow) battle a guy who draws the ire of the Miletich boys better than anyone.  Throw in an angry Long Islander for good measure and you’ve got yourself a show.

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