Wild Karo Parisyan interview

Tha Formula has an interview up with Karo "The Heat" Parisyan as he heads into battle with Josh Burkman at UFC 71.  Karo is…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
Wild Karo Parisyan interview
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Tha Formula has an interview up with Karo “The Heat” Parisyan as he heads into battle with Josh Burkman at UFC 71.  Karo is one of my top 5 favorite fighters both for his unique attitude and amazing technique.  The interesting feature to this interview is how decisive Karo believes his victories actually are.

Karo on his first MMA opponent:

So I was 14 years  old entering a Mixed Martial Arts show in Mexico and a bunch of us went down there. I was 14 years old and I fought a guy who was a Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu expert. The guy was 23 and he was the best fighter in Mexico. He was like 10-0 or something and I fought him for 5 rounds and I annihilated him and I was only 14.

Karo on Guido Jennings:

He was A Gracie Purple belt. A 32 year old guy and he came in with a Gi and I was like “Oh My God.” I didn’t know who he was and didn’t know anything about him. I just saw that he was wearing a Purple Belt and a Gi.  I didn’t know he was a Gracie guy. I was just really happy that he was wearing a Gi. So I start off just throwing him around like a baby. ‘Cause the last thing you should do when going in  to fight a Judo guy, is go in and fight the guy with a Gi on when in the cage or ring.

Karo on Sean Sherk:

I got robbed bro, I don’t give a  fuck what anybody says. I could send you the tape. It was in the Midwest, some hometown shit. A small very low quality show and let’s put it this way, I fight Sean Sherk the full five rounds, it went to overtime and it was an 8 man tournament. We were supposed to fight twice in the same day and then the 3rd fight would be on another day. So I fought Sean Sherk and I sent Sean Sherk to the hospital. He had a concussion and he didn’t even pick up his check. Also, he did not compete the same day. They said “he’s out, he’s too fucked up.” They offered me the fight and they offered the fight to Chris Brennan and Chris Brennan said “no I don’t want to fight Karo.” So everybody just dropped the whole fucking show. But I fought Sherk and I sent Sherk to the hospital. I threw him, I cut him, and I did everything I wanted to. He was just trying to hold me down. I mean it’s a fact bro, no one can deny it, and I have the tape and the footage. So they fucking robbed me. Sherk was 10-0 at the time and I was 11-0. They robbed me big time.

Karo on Darrell Smith:

I remember I saw Darrell Smith throw someone out of the ring actually. He was a very, very ferocious wrestler and then they offered me Darrell Smith and I said “fine I’ll fight him.” I remember I literally played with him. I threw him with a very beautiful Judo throw and as I threw him I popped back up standing with a Kimura, I rolled into a knee bar, to the triangle, to the arm bar and I caught him. After that I took 2 years off and just did more Judo.

Karo on Antonio McKee and Fernando Vasconcelos:

So after him, they offered Antonio Mckee who was an unbelievable wrestler, an amazing wrestler. I beat Antonio and then they offered me the two-time Jiu Jitsu world champion Fernando Vasconcelos. This is a guy they were saying was bullet proof. So I beat Fernando. I cut him up but it went to a decision because he is unbelievably good and I beat him up pretty bad.

Karo on Jason “Mayhem” Miller:

I fought him, I threw him, was on top of him, belted him and just threw him. Ground and pounded him, messed up his face. I remember I was on side control and I remember I heard somebody from his corner cussing. It was Tiki, Quinton, Oyama, and Tito. I remember I turned around and I flipped them off like “fuck you is this your boy?” and I started hitting him harder. Then after that was done, I took an arm bar and almost broke his arm. I’ll tell you how bad it was, it was so bad that the doctor threw the towel in.

Karo on the fans’ reaction after defeating Dave Strasser:

When I was walking out after the fight, they were yelling “are you a fucking ninja?” or “that was magic dude, you’re a magician.” I was like “you guys haven’t seen shit yet, let me come back.”

Karo on Georges St. Pierre:

saw that he had a very small MMA record. He was 5-0 and the best guy he had beaten was Thomas Denny and I was like “gimme a break.” I said “ah dude whatever, this guy is nothing.” I even saw footage of him and I said “he’s just an average wrestler guy and he’s pretty much nothing.”

Karo on Shonie Carter

I beat Shonie Carter and I mauled Shonie Carter for the title.

Karo on Nick Diaz:

I knew he had just come off of a big win over Robbie Lawler and that’s all I knew. But I didn’t think anything of him. He looked very weak to me and his punches didn’t look that strong. His submissions didn’t look like anything so I just mauled him.

Karo on Matt Serra:

So I’m trying to watch out for his Jiu Jitsu and when the fight starts I get rocked with a right hand and then I grappled and I put him in this beautiful arm bar, rear naked choke, I passed his guard, got side control. I’ve never beaten anyone that bad in my life.

Karo on Diego Sanchez:

I won the first, I won the second and in the third is when I lost. Until this day, there is no fucking way I lost that fight. I annihilated Diego Sanchez.

Karo on Josh Burkman:

I trained with him a little bit. He’s nothing special. Good in everything, not great in anything, one of those guys.

And then there’s the icing on the cake…Karo on a particular UFC judge:

First of all though, 80 percent of the people that came up to me after that fight, they have all said “Karo you won that fight” or “I thought you won that fight, you got robbed.” Everybody said that and there is one fucking judge that should be shot. He’s a fucking boxing judge and he judges the fight based on boxing and I can’t stand that fucking asshole. I want him to get shot on his fucking kneecaps so he could never walk. That asshole always goes against me. When I fought Nick Diaz, he went for Diaz and not me just because Diaz was trying to throw more punches. I remember Dana called me up the next day and said “I hate that one judge, I’m trying to get him fired.”
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