What defines a fighter?

Perseverance.  No matter if you're a boxer or MMA fighter, and Diego "Chico" Corrales had a ton of it.  Notable quote: Diego Corrales lost…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
What defines a fighter?
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Perseverance.  No matter if you’re a boxer or MMA fighter, and Diego “Chico” Corrales had a ton of it.  Notable quote:

Diego Corrales lost five times.  He spent time in jail for assaulting his wife.  He admitted to making mistakes in the ring and out.  That’s what people do–they make mistakes.  He was human.  And he showed the best of being human in what he did for work.  As a fighter, he fought bravely and he never lost his will to win, even if winning seemed impossible.  The myth of Sisyphus perhaps defines our human condition.  In Greek mythology, the god Sisyphus was condemned to lug a boulder on his back to the top of a mountain, only to see the boulder roll back down the mountain, time after time after time, for eternity.  That was his punishment.  But instead of just sitting down and giving up, Sisyphus always went back down the mountain, always put the boulder back on his shoulders, always struggled to the top.  Our human existence may be pointless, full of petty dreams and plans that mean nothing in the scheme of things, but, like Sisyphus, we struggle, we go on.  Struggle defines us and maybe that’s why we loved Chico.  The book is now closed on Diego Corrales, but the biggest chapter in his book has to do with character.  Diego Corrales proved himself through struggle.  He never gave up.

A fighter – by definition – struggles and seeks to overcome the forces acting against them.  The fighter is never perfect, but also never in retreat.  And even in defeat, the fighter seeks the redemption promised by tomorrow.

Chico personified that spirit and set an example for others.  R.I.P., Chico.

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