“Tank” Abbott into Main Event at Cage Rage

The April 21 Cage Rage show that was scheduled to go head to head with UFC 70 has been dealt a blow. The scheduled…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 16 years ago
“Tank” Abbott into Main Event at Cage Rage
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

The April 21 Cage Rage show that was scheduled to go head to head with UFC 70 has been dealt a blow. The scheduled Bob Sapp vs. Gary Turner main event is now David “Tank” Abbott vs. Gary Turner. This coming after Sapp had “personal issues” that would have prevented him from arriving in the UK in time for the show. Tank stepped up to take the fight with the K-1 vet Turner. The man-beast has been replaced by a pair of large man-breasts (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

This is a bad match-up for Tank (what isn’t these days?) as Turner is not a brawler, he is a polished striker. There will probably be few opportunities for Abbott to stand still and throw his big, slow (but admittedly powerful) punches as Turner will likely be smart enough to use movement and pepper Abbott with shots as he pleases. Beyond the difference in skill, conditioning is always a factor with Abbott and I don’t imagine he’ll be in the best of shape (even for Tank) taking a fight on short notice.

From the Cage Rage website:

In order not to disappoint our legion of fans, we are very happy to announce that Bob’s replacement will touch down at Heathrow later today and is the original bad boy of the cage, none other than Tank Abbot. Never known as a man to let down the MMA faithful, Tank was only too happy to step off his bar stool, step onto an aircraft and step into the cage!!! We expect him to arrive at the Wembley Plaza tonight

Maybe it is just me, but the sport should be at a point where it is a bad thing to talk about fighters hopping down off their bar stools to compete. I know my “anti-Tank” bias is showing but in a sport that is in a constant push for legitimacy focusing on a guy like Tank rather than world class athletes seems like a bad move. But Abbott sells tickets, so even with his 1-6 record in his last 7 he probably isn’t going anywhere.

Saturday is going to be a good day for MMA fans with 3 free shows available. Cage Rage and Pro-Elite will be shown for free live via the proelite.com website with Cage Rage starting at 1:00pm Eastern and Pro-Elite at 10:00pm Eastern. And of course UFC 70 will be shown via tape delay free on Spike TV at 9:00pm Eastern.

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