UFC 69 Live Blog

Here's the matchups and my picks: Alan Belcher vs. Kendall Grove Gotta go with Kendall here. They're setting him up for a featured win…

By: Nate Wilcox | 16 years ago
UFC 69 Live Blog
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Here’s the matchups and my picks:

Alan Belcher vs. Kendall Grove
Gotta go with Kendall here. They’re setting him up for a featured win here, not that Belcher isn’t a tough guy but I don’t see a path to victory for him.

Update [2007-4-8 0:33:41 by Kid Nate]: Belcher gets the take down. Kendall reverses and gets a series of knees standing. Grove pushes Belcher agsint the cage. Nice mix of unusual strikes by Grove. Forearm smash, straigh kick…Grove gets him down, gets mount, Tito is shouting instructions from ringside. Belcher gets up and pushes Kendall to the cage. Kendall turns it around. Restart, Belcher fighting for a take down as bell rings.
Round two, early strikes, Belcher pushes for a clinch, Kendall pushes him down, elbows to that head. Belcher falls to his back, elbows to the head. Kendall in side control. Blood on the mat. They’re back to their feet. Kendall throwing straigh kick to the body. Knees to the face. Grove slams him down. “You could hear it throughout the Toyota Center!” Belcher in half-guard, gets full guard. Kendall chokes him unconcious! Pretty one sided.

Yushin Okami vs. Mike Swick
I’m picking Okami and rooting for him as well. Okami by GnP.

They feel each other out like two kids at the junior prom. Eventually Okami forces him to the fence and takes him down. Not too much GnP. Round ends with Okami trying for a kimura. Swick says “he’s too strong man” in the corner.
Round two. Long build up. Okami gets a couple take downs, can’t do much from Swick’s guard. Swick lands a barrage of punches at the end of the round.
Round three. Long dancing, Okami doing decently in the standup with rights, Swick sprawls and stuffs a takedown. Okami gets the takedown. Passes guard. Gets mount. Spends about 90 seconds GnPing. They’re calling for the ref to stop it. But Swick reverses the mount with 30 secs left, Okami in rubber guard, but Swick breaks to guard.
Okami by unanimous decision.

Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia Huerta by KO in 2

Round One. I had too much fun watching it to blog it. Lots of back and forth. Huerta almost gets two guilltines. Huerta lands lots of blows. Garcia hangs in there and reverses at the end. Great scrap. I can’t do jutice to round two. These dudes are just THROWING DOWN. Huerta is just too much for Garcia here. Round Three. Garcia takes a beating but keeps coming back. At one point he gets Huerta’s back but he couldn’t do anything. Huerta pounded and pounded but Garcia just refused to give up. GREAT FIGHT. Huerta by decision.

Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck
Rooting for Koschek but have to pick Diego by TKO.

Waaaaay toooo much feeling each other out. Koschek maybe gets the better of the standup. A Kos takedown with less than 0:45 left. Diego reverses and is getting Kos’ back when the bell rings. BOOOOO. 2nd round is all dancing. SUXXXXX. Koschek gets the slight advantage in striking but f**** it I want to see these guys tussle on the ground, not dancing around on their feet. Sanchez looks to be headed for 19-1. Worst fight ever. Koscheck wins by decision. SUXXXXXXX. BOOOOOOOOOO.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra
No way GSP loses this. St Pierre by KO in 1
OOOOOH No. Serra knocks GSP the f*** out. Serra knocks him out. this is unbelievable.
What a crappy night!!!!!

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