Kang talks Bodog

American Top Team standout Denis Kang did an interview with ADCC to talk about his health, ATT, and the growth of MMA organizations.  He…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
Kang talks Bodog
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

American Top Team standout Denis Kang did an interview with ADCC to talk about his health, ATT, and the growth of MMA organizations.  He makes some interesting points about all of the organizations, but BodogFight gets particular attention.  Notable quote:

KM: K-1 HERO’s is now making their US debut. JZ has been in HERO’s and you have seen them. Can you describe them? DK: They are all MMA organizations, it is just some of them will have a little different marketing and different rules. K-1 HERO’s the rules are a little different but not much. There are no elbows and I think no knees on the ground but overall it is a little closer to Pride as far as marketing. It is the biggest not-known organization. It is huge in Japan.

KM: What about BodogFIGHT and how they fit into the top shows? DK: Bodog is another relative unknown because they haven’t been around that long but they are on the winning track with their approach. They are doing things a little different by putting on shows only for recording, not for a mass audience, and re-broadcasting them later on TV. It is different but it isn’t a bad or wrong approach. Those guys are smart, they know what they are doing. It is only a matter of time before they enter the mainstream.

KM: If they are doing the right approach do you thin there is anybody doing the wrong approach? What would the wrong approach be? DK: The wrong approach would be some of these new organizations wanting to be really big right away and then they crumble. They spend too much money and nobody really went to their shows. If organizations want to make a big splash and do it for longevity they have to come into the sport with a little more knowledge and research. Also give themselves more growing time instead of coming over and taking over right away. UFC and Pride are the big boys, there is no way around it.

KM: Do you think the consolidations and new arrivals have peaked? DK: No. I think more things are going to happen. Right now we have Zuffa first then Bodog and K-1. Those three are trying to do the same thing which is buy up as many small shows as possible to make themselves more powerful. I think it is going to keep going like that. I think we are going to see other people say `me too’, to make a quick buck in the sport and do the same thing and fail.

I’ll give Bodog one thing: they’re doing their PPV the right way.  They signed both Emelianenko brothers to fight on the same card in front of their Russian home town crowd.  Add to that fact neither brother has fought in Russia and both are well-known, and you get realize the April 14 event is probably going to be a success.  I don’t think they’d do that well if they put on a show here, but baby steps may just be the key for Bodog.

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