The Armory vs. Wander Braga

That's what The Armory (or whoever posts for them at is claiming.  The Armory  is Hermes Franca's team out of Jupiter, Florida.  Notable…

By: Luke Thomas | 17 years ago
The Armory vs. Wander Braga
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That’s what The Armory (or whoever posts for them at is claiming.  The Armory  is Hermes Franca’s team out of Jupiter, Florida.  Notable quote:

We received a call from the UFC this morning that Wander Braga once again pulled out of his fight with Kurt Pellegrino.

The first time Braga pulled out, Kurt and the team gave him the benefit of the doubt. Doing it again……we have our doubts he ever was serious about fighting Kurt. Its too bad, because the UFC and its organization put alot of work into developing these cards. The fighters also prepare for a specific opponent in mind.

The UFC is doing their best to get a backup at this point. Whoever it is, Pellegrino will put on one hell of a show.

Subtle, eh?

Let me say I don’t know Wander Braga personally or Kurt Pellegrino for that matter.  I also have no idea if Pellegrino agrees with whoever posted this.  I also don’t know whether Braga is notorious for this sort of thing.  Anyone who does is welcome to comment.

But for money, I never quite understand these sorts of jabs.  That is, does the Armory really know that Braga is “ducking” Pellegrino?  If so, how?  From this post, it sounds like they just deduced it, which is, well, not reliable.

And sure enough, someone contacted Wander and posted a response:

I just got off the phone with Wander. Obviously, he’s pissed at the bullshit armory is spewing.

The fact is that Wander had an interview scheduled with immigration for March. Yesterday his manager was informed by INS that the interview was postponed to April. He can’t fight until he is legal to fight. Wander has taken every possible step with immigration in order for everything to be approved in time for the fight, but he doesnt have control over their actions. He wants this fight more than anyone, and he signed with the UFC because he is ready to fight anyone they put in front of him.

He said he would fight Pellegrino any time, and if he had the $10,000 he would gladly put it up.

Pellegrino is no doubt a very formidable opponent.  He arguably has also fought more accomplished opponents.  He is no walk in the park even for the most seasoned veteran.  And everyone respects The Armory.  Moreover, it must be enormously frustrating for Pellegrino that 2 weeks out his fight is on the verge of getting cancelled.

But seriously, you better have some ridiculously strong evidence when you claim a BJJ blackbelt, 10 – 0 pro MMA fighter, and all-around tough bastard is “ducking” anyone.  Particularly in the same weight class?

This juvenile combativeness is really lame.  I know it sucks to train and get the rug pulled out from under you.  And maybe – MAYBE – Braga could’ve been better about handling his own personal situation, but can we stop with the schoolyard taunts?

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